Graphical Packaging and Boards

Graphic and Packaging Boards – A range of premium sheets made from solid bleach or chemical and thermochemical pastes provide production flexibility for a variety of applications. This includes greeting cards, book covers, pillboxes, folders, tickets, and various packaging applications.

Folding boxboard/ FBB: GC1, GC2

The FBB: GC1 and GC2 are a multilayer board that contains an inner layer of mechanical pulp wrapped in the middle layers of the bleached chemical pulp. The upper layer or coating is usually two or three layers of white pigment. The back has a white cream colour because the back layer of the chemical pulp is translucent. FBB has a varied kind of uses, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, dry and frozen foods, and many more. FBB can be extruded and covered with plastic, layered with materials such as oil-proof paper, and handled oil resistance and other purposes.

Solid Bleached Sulphate (SBS)

SBS is a type of virgin fibre and is prepared from completely bleached wood pulp, the upper surface of which is covered with clay minerals. This is a standard thickness board with excellent printing performance, suitable for the latest graphic designs and packaging. Easy to cut, fold, engrave, and hot foil stamped. The durable white core and inflexibility make it ideal for folding boards, retail, and consumer goods applications, signs, perfume boxes, cigarettes, and many other forms. Available in 190-400gsm.

Cups, Plates & Straw Board

The paperboard used for making cups and plates offers supreme durability. It is cups and plate stock board that is food-safe and appropriate for hot and cold drinks and foods. We offer these premium quality boards in bulk quantity at an affordable rate.

Duplex Board

Duplex board can be made up of cardboard or paperboard. This board is called a duplex because it consists of two or more layers. The outside of the board is usually covered for extra impermeability and to give the glossy appearance, but an uncoated duplex board is sufficient to make disposable cups and plates. Unlike ordinary cardboard, duplex board paper is durable, thin, and has a bright white look. The duplex board often used to create various small boxes. Such as, it is widely used in pharmaceutical packaging.


Greyboard is considered a durable board that is economical to purchase as well as perfect for packaging. This board is widely used for book covers, paper pads, folder bases, and more. We offer the grey-board in 250-400gsm.